Ashif PP

Abu Sadat Muhammad Ashif

Assistant Professor
Department of Business Administration

East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh


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Abu Sadat Muhammad Ashif is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Business Administration, East West University, Bangladesh. He is also Moderator at East West University Sports Club. Besides, he also works as an adjunct faculty of Graduate Diploma in Leather and Footwear Management, East West University.

Mr. Ashif has an excellent academic background, He got Board Scholarship at HSC from Dhaka Board. He Completed BBA from Department of Management Studies, University of Dhaka, and MBA from the Department of Management Information Systems, University of Dhaka with University Merit Scholarship.

Mr. Ashif completed Diploma in Computer Science from Aptech Computer Education. (Certificate Issued by New Jersey, 08549, USA).

He also completed PGT in Educational Psychology and Leadership Skills (University of Edinburgh, UK).

A good number of publications of his have been published in reputed local and international journals. Mr. Ashif is authored on “Compendium of Management Information Systems” and he co-authored book on “Three Taxes of Bangladesh”

He has attended several international and national conferences. He was also Member of SPM team of World Bank funded HEQEP project “Optimizing classroom learning through understanding student   psychology” CP- 3289.

  • M.B.A in MIS (University of Dhaka)
  • B.B.A. in Management (University of Dhaka)
  • Open Studies, The University of Edinburgh (UK)
  • Assistant Professor , Department of Business Administration
  • Adjunct Faculty,Graduate Diploma in Leather and Footwear Management
  • Member of SPM team of World Bank funded HEQEP project “Optimizing classroom learning through understanding student psychology CP- 3289.


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  • “Internet-Influenced Marketing Techniques: Critical Factors in Web Based Viral Marketing Campaigns” Indian Institute of Science – Bangalore Journal of Information Technology (IISAJIT), (246-637-1-RV) Dr. Rezwanul Alam, Mr. Abu Sadat Muhammad Ashif
  • An Empirical Examination of Random Walk Hypothesis for Chittagong Stock Exchange”, The AIUB Journal of Business and Economics(AJBE), Volume 12, No.1, November 2015,ISSN 1683-8742(Print), Md. Tapan Mahmud, Abu Sadat Muhammad Ashif.
  • Conflicts of Interest in the Financial Intermediation Industry: A Retrospection, focused on Banking Regulation” BANGLADESH RESEARCH FOUNDATION JOURNAL [ISSN 2224-8404 (Print), ISSN 2305-1566 (Online)] 4, No. 2, August 2015, ASM Ashif1 , Md. Tapan Mahmud 2.
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  • “Strategies for Refinancing of SMEs in Bangladesh: Problems and Constraints” – Stamford Journal of Business Studies-( Vol :3; Issue-2) ISSN : 1817-1680. ASM Ashif1, Amitav Saha2 & Samiul Islam3.
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  • An Empirical Examination of Random Walk Hypothesis for Chittagong Stock Exchange” –International Conference Accepted Paper in Indian Institute Of Management Calcutta (IIM) Uddin, Kyophilavong and Ashif.

Research Areas

  • Information Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
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