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Md. Anamul Hoque

Assistant Professor
Department of Business Administration

East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh


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Working as an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Department of Business Administration, East West University. Over ten years of teaching experience in the area of Marketing, Brand management and Communication at graduate and undergraduate level.Completed BBA and MBA degree from the University of Dhaka securing 1st position and 2nd position in the merit list respectively. Characterized as an academic who is enthusiastic, nurturing, empathetic, dedicated and passionate. Aims to pursue a dynamic teaching and research career in education and training contributing to the enrichment of the organization, social change and progress of the country, and well-being of the global society.

University of Dhaka

MBA, Major in Marketing

CGPA: 3.92 in the scale of 4.00

Position in the merit list: 2nd


University of Dhaka

BBA, Major in Marketing

CGPA: 3.98 in the scale of 4.00

Position in the merit list: 1st

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  • Energy knowledge and consumption behavior
  • Energy policy
  • Brand equity corporate social responsibility Equity and commodity market  co-movement
  • Tourism and perceptions
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