On 14th April 2019 East West University Family celebrated Bengali New Year in the Campus. The event was hosted by East West University Club for Performing arts under the name Borsho Boron Utshab 1426 in the campus courtyard. The students of East West University painted Alpana in the road in front of the campus day before the event. They worked all day long to make the road attractive and so the campus area looks Festive.There were also unique photo booths where students were taking photos.On the following day the event started at 9:00 AM with “Mangal Shovajatra”. Syed Manzur Elahi, (Chairperson, Board of Trustee), Dr. Mohammed Farashuddin (Former Chairperson, Board of Trustee) ,Club Moderator ,Dr. Nikhil Chandra Shil and Abeer Khandakar were also present in the Manglal Shovajatra and also enjoyed the cultural event.The cultural program was started just after the Mangal Shovajatra with Dance performance of the members of East West University Club for Performing Arts (ECPA). Like every other program they also mesmerized the audience with their dance moves and wonderful choreography. Then the drama performers came to the stage with a comedy Drama to make the event more delightful and the performers were successfully able to entertain the audiences with their acting throughout the Performance. Music performers put a new benchmark in the stage.