Rules & Regulation: Course Registration

Course Registration On-Line
The Admission Office will notify newly accepted students about the time and place of their registration. Students are responsible for fulfilling all requirements of the degree program in which they have been admitted. They should consult their advisors in planning their course schedules and be familiar with EWU policies and procedures related to registration and graduation requirements for their degrees. Registration is incomplete until all fees are paid.
A student can not register after the scheduled date of registration mentioned in the academic calendar except by special permission of the Dean of Faculties. To avoid late fees (Tk. 500.00) students must register during the scheduled registration period.
Registration for any session of the university is contingent upon eligibility for registration. Thus advance registration, including the payment of tuition and fees, are considered invalid if the student is later declared to be ineligible to register due to scholastic reasons. Detailed information about dates and procedures for advising and registration are shown in each semester’s academic calendar of the university, which is available in the Registrar’s Office of EWU.

Add/ Drop/Withdraw
Students who seek to add or drop courses should consult their advisors first. They must also obtain signatures of instructors of relevant courses.
Students may add courses only within the date mentioned in the Academic Calendar, if space is available, with the approval of their academic advisors.
The last day for dropping a course with and without a record entry (i.e. “W”) is mentioned in the semester academic calendar. The grade “Withdrawal” (W) is assigned when a student officially drops a course within the date mentioned in the academic calendar for the semester.
The instructor may drop students from a course if they fail to attend 80 percent of the scheduled classes. The student must keep the instructors informed regarding absences in classes.

Registration Guidelines
Students should also be familiar with the following general points about registration.
1. Registration for a semester is conducted under an Academic Calendar. Registration starts a week before the start of classes and late registration continues till the second week of classes. Student must know his/her advisor for the completion of the registration.
2. Mere attendance does not mean registration in a class, nor will attendance in a class for which a student is not registered be a basis for asking that a program change be approved permitting registration in that class. Students should complete the registration process before classes begin.
3. Tuition and fees are payable in advance.
4. Students cannot drop a course merely by stopping attendance.
5. Students must register for a minimum of 3 (three) courses every semester.
6. The maximum number of courses a student can take in a semester is 5 (five). Six courses for the students of B.Pharm in bi-semester system.

Late Registration
A student who seeks to register after the first day of the semester must have the permission of the respective Dean of Faculty. Those students who are given permission to register late must pay a late registration fee of Tk.500.00

Refund Policy
Applications for withdrawal from the university or from a course after the registration period is over must be made in writing to the Registrar. Merely notifying an instructor will not be sufficient. In cases of authorized withdrawals, and changes in schedule/registration (adds and drops), adjustment of semester tuition and fees will be made as per provisions mentioned in the academic calendar.
No adjustment is authorized for the Admission fee or other assessed fees. Financial assistance will be awarded on the same basis as the adjustment policy.
Withdrawal as a result of serious illness or disabling accident will be subject to review by the university for possible variations from the policy described above. Such events are considered on a case to case basis. No adjustment will be made for a student who is suspended, dismissed, or expelled for breach of discipline.