Credit Transfer Policies

Credit Transfer Requirements
Students who intend to be admitted into EWU with credit transfer are considered for admission based on the result of the admission test and courses completed at public universities of Bangladesh, and other reputed private universities of Bangladesh. Credit is generally transferable, provided that course work has been successfully completed and is equivalent to that offered at East West University.
Faculty members evaluate courses already completed according to an established procedure. Courses taken at other university/institutions may satisfy the core curriculum requirements only if the courses are equivalent to EWU courses approved for the core curriculum and if a minimum B- grade was earned. Course equivalencies are determined on the basis of contents, prerequisites, writing requirements, and level. Some transfer students may be required to sit for placement examinations to determine eligibility for credit transfer.

Residency Requirements
A maximum of twenty five percent (25%) of credit hours for the intended undergraduate program may be accepted through credit transfer into EWU’s academic program.

Important Guidelines
1. The award of credit transfer will be administered on a case-to-case basis

2. Applicant must ensure that the following documents are submitted to apply for the credit transfer at the stipulated deadline:
i.An Official Transcript of the university/institution record to date
ii. Complete syllabus of the subjects that are applied to be credited
iii. An application for credit transfer

A charge of Tk. 500/- (Five Hundred) per credit for transfer/waiver would have to be paid by the concerned student.