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The rapid expansion of Pharmaceutical industry and advances in the health sector have created a lot of opportunities for pharmacists to be involved in the process of drug design, dosage form design, drug formulation, production & distribution, clinical pharmacy services, clinical research and biotechnological advancements. Here the pharmacist must keep abreast of innovation of all areas of pharmaceutical sciences including the development of new drug delivery systems and expanding contemporary pharmaceutical services to fulfill the unique demands for pharmacists in societies at home and abroad and to cope with the unprecedented development in the field of medical and pharmaceutical sciences. In the pharmacy department of East West University, we have developed new approaches to pharmacy education and created an environment for basic and fundamental research.


Pharmacy program has been designed to equip the students with proper scientific information and knowledge so that they can contribute to the innovation, formulation, production, quality control and quality assurance of the pharmaceutical products. The course also strengthens the students with proper theoretical and practical knowledge and skill in overall management of medicines including the marketing and distribution processes. Thus, the course generates skilled and efficient manpower to serve   pharmaceutical companies as well as retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy and other government bodies related to health and research.


Pharmacy department, with its accreditation from Bangladesh Pharmacy Council is now in full operation with Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.) course. The University is now about to introduce the evening course in Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharm.) in Pharmaceutical Technology.