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GEN 202: Eastern Culture and Heritage
GEN 204: Western Thought
GEN 208: Introduction to Philosophy
GEN 210: International Relation
GEN 211: Concepts of Journalism & Media Studies
GEN 212: Women in Development
GEN 213: Introduction to German Language
GEN 214: Development Studies
GEN 2XX: Any Other General Courses
GEN 301: Principles of Public Relations
GEN 303: Globalization and Social Identity
POP 504: Basic Technique of population Analysis
POP 507: Population Policy and Programme Monitoring & Evaluation
POP 603: Population, Environment and Environmental Health
POP 606: Adolescent and Development
POP 607: Advanced Techniques in Population Analysis
POP 608: Population Ageing
POP 609: Determinants and consequences of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), including HIV/AIDS
POP 613 : Business Demography