Faculty Member


Senior Lecturer,
Dept. of English


Office:   317

 Email:   omarsharif@ewubd.edu

 Homepage:   http://ewubd.edu/~omarsharif

 Research Interest:

English, American and Postcolonial Literature

 Selected Publications:

Sharif, Chowdhury O. and Tanusri Dutta, "Mother or monster: A postcolonial study of two pathological women in postcolonial literature", International Journal of English and Literature, ISSN 2141-2626, Vol. 4(5), pp. 210-216, July, 2013, 2013
Sharif, Chowdhury O., "“Browning’s Logue: Mono or “Despo””", RABINDRA JOURNAL (ISSN 2477-1714), Vol. 08, Issue 01, Feb. p. 211-217. Print., 2013
Sharif, Chowdhury O., "“Indo-Anglian Poetry: An Image House”", Interactions: An International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (ISSN 2277-3940), Vol. 02, Issue 01, Jan. p. 66-73. Print., 2013