Some of the program’s descriptions are as follows:

•Inter University Business Plan Competition 2017:
A platform for the competitors to present their unique and creative business plans. East West University Business Club (EWUBC) has introduced Inter University Business Plan Competition. The aspiration of the competition is to give the university students from all around the country an exclusive opportunity to present their excellent business plans and be the ultimate business planner.
The competition had five phases –
Registration and Submission
Inauguration Ceremony and Workshop
First Presentation
Final Presentation
Award giving ceremony
88 teams from 20 reputed universities of Bangladesh participated for the wonderful title of the best business planner and after 3 days of restless fight of ideas the best scoring teams came forward to be crowned as winners and runners up of the competition. East West University Business Club desires to open the platform every year to welcome newsome talents.

•Career Clinic:
Career Clinic is a splendidly designed program to familiarize students with the reality of recruitment in the corporate world. A series of workshops was organized for corporate icons all around the country to bring into light the issues that business talents should consider when applying for a job in any kind of organization. The program also consisted of a mock interview session to acquaint students with the real-life interviews. It will be a continuous program for students in future.

EWUBC had launched BriefCase in 2016, an intra university business sales competition with the aim of improving students’ business communication, persuasion, confidence and slide making abilities by testing them through the world of Sales. Starting all the way from case solving, instant presentation and idea pitching, BriefCase consisted of four exciting and challenging rounds. With the success of BriefCase, EWUBC plans to arrange this competition every year with much bigger platforms for students.

•The Competition Courses:
As the name implies, The Competition Courses aim at encouraging students for effective participation in business competitions. The program deals with student’sfear of participation, lack of motivation, handling the nervousness and pressure as well as efficiently solving the cases all about competition through a series of workshops. EWUBC plans to train and groom the finest students ready for not only to face the competitions but also real life business problems when facing the “real corporate world”.

•Competition Courses Present with confidence:
This is a practice session for improving presentation skills of enthusiastic students. It is a three days long session.Through this program,students got to know their ability and lacking in presentation.

•Certified Training Workshop on MS Excel:
The workshop is a continual support in EWUBC journey. Every semester, it is conducted by efficient corporate people to introduce students to the practical job life, to enhance their knowledge and to provide some out-of-the-textbook education.

•Power Presenter:
The Power Presenter, an inter-departmental competition introduced to allow students to bring out their presentation proficiency. The initiative was taken to develop presentation abilities by challenging them. It was a rigorous contest comprising of multiple rounds and evaluating them through both internal and external judges.

•Other Programs:
EWUBC brings in some influential seminars and workshops for student’s utilization. Some of these are on self branding, internship grooming, CV and cover letter writing, job interview, youth entrepreneurship etc.