Examination Rules

Grading System
A student may earn five letter grades on the basis of his/her performance in a course. The letter grades A, B, C, and D are considered passing grades. The grade F is the failing grade. The numerical equivalents of the grades are as follows:
97-100 A+ 4.00
90 – below 97 A 4.00
87 – below 90 A- 3.70
83 – below 87 B+ 3.30
80 – below 83 B 3.00
77 – below 80 B- 2.70
73 – below 77 C+ 2.30
70 – below 73 C 2.00
67 – below 70 C- 1.70
63 – below 67 D+ 1.30
60 – below 63 D 1.00
below 60 F 0.00
F* Failure 0.0
I** Incomplete 0.0
P** Pass 0.0
R** Repeat 0.0
S*** Satisfactory 0.0
W** Withdrawal 0.0

* Credits for courses with this grade do not apply towards graduation but used for the calculation of the grade point average.
** Credits for courses with these grades do not apply towards graduation and are not used for the calculation of the grade point average.
*** Credits for courses with these grades required towards graduation but are not used for the calculation of the grade point average.
The exact cut off points for assigning letter grades are at the discretion of individual instructors. The same applies to the assignment of ‘+’ or ‘-’ after a letter grade. This is meant to give more flexibility so that shades of performance can be ‘+’and ‘-’ distinguished and rewarded with the value of 0.3 grade point by the grades.

Grade Report
Grade reports are recorded and prepared by the Registrar’s Office and mailed to guardians soon after the end of each semester. Students are solely responsible for their academic progress and should contact their academic advisors as soon as possible if their performance is unsatisfactory. Failure to maintain satisfactory progress can lead to the cancellation of financial aid, academic probation, dismissal, or other equally serious consequences.

GPA and Class Equivalence
Grade Point Average earned by a student is the numerical value obtained by dividing the total grade points earned in a semester by the credits attempted for the semester. Only courses graded A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, and F are used to determine credits attempted.
In case students repeat courses, GPA and CGPA will be calculated on the basis of the grades obtained in the last attempt of the course(s) only. Grades obtained in course(s) in all examinations will be shown in the grade report.
Moreover, students who complete courses in addition to their normal credit requirements for graduation will inform the Registrar in writing about the courses, which s/he intends to declare for consideration towards the requirements for the degree.
EWU students are evaluated on CGPA. Comparison of the CGPA earned by EWU students to the classes earned by students in other universities in the country is as follows:
CGPA 3.00 and above = First Class
CGPA 2.50 to 2.99 = Second Class
CGPA 2.00 to 2.49 = Third Class

Probation and Dismissal
Student whose CGPA will be between 1 and 2 after the first two semesters will be placed on probation for the next two semesters. Failure to raise their CGPA to at least 2 after the probation period will lead to dismissal from the university. If a student’s CGPA falls below 2 subsequently, he/she will again be placed on probation.

Academic Dismissal
A student whose CGPA falls below 1.0 after the first two or any subsequent semesters, will be automatically dismissed from the university. Students who fail to raise CGPA to satisfactory levels during the probation period will face dismissal from the university.

Remedial Course may be required for students on the basis of their score in the English part of the Admission test. Students who fail to pass in remedial courses in two attempts will be placed on probation.

A student dismissed on academic ground (s) may be allowed to be admitted in another program of this university on qualifying the Admission Test for that program.

Incomplete (I)
The “Incomplete” (I) grade may be used in special circumstances. The “Incomplete” may be given only at the end of a semester to a student who has completed all other requirements except appearing in the final examination without further class attendance. The instructor must file with the Registrar an Incomplete Grade Form describing the work to be completed.
The student has the sole responsibility to take the initiative in making up the requirements for the Incomplete grade as specified by the instructor. If action is not taken within one week of the commencement of the next semester, the “I” grade will automatically be converted to “F”, otherwise the “I” grade will revert to the tentative final grade (the final grade becomes an ”F” if no tentative grade was assigned). In the event where the instructor from whom a student received an incomplete grade is not available, the disposition of the case involving an incomplete grade resides with the respective Dean of Faculty.

Withdrawal (W)
The grade “Withdrawal” (W) is assigned when a student officially drops a course within the date mentioned in the academic calendar for the semester.

Retake Policy
Students with a grade of “C” or below will be allowed to retake the course only once. In these cases, the better of the two grades will be used to calculate the GPA and CGPA and the other grade will appear as “R” on the grade report.
Students who wish to retake a course must obtain previous written permission of the Chairperson of the Department concerned. They will have to register for the course again and will be required to pay the usual tuition charges including lab (if applicable) and other fees.

Academic Honesty
There is a policy of zero tolerance on cheating. Any form of cheating such as copying any document or another person’s work, seeking or providing help to other students during tests, or adopting any other form of unfair means during exams, will constitute grounds for disciplinary action. Instructors are expected to use reasonably practical means of preventing and detecting cheating. Any student found to be cheating will be reported to the Dean of concerned faculty by the relevant faculty member for disciplinary action.

Leave of Absence
Leave of absence may be granted for up to three semesters to a student in good academic standing (not to those on academic probation or subject to dismissal). A student applying for a leave of absence must give a definite semester for re-registration and must register in the following semester, immediate after the leave period. A leave of absence is granted through the Dean of Concerned Faculty. A student who does not return for re-registration at the specified semester will be classified as “Officially Withdrawn” and must apply for re-admission to the Registrar.

Absence from Examinations
In the case where a student has been absent from the examination of any subject due to medical or humanitarian reasons, the student must notify the respective faculty member within 48 hours of the conduct of the examinations on his/her standings. The faculty member may decide to record the grade as Incomplete (I) based on the support documents provided by the student along with the application for incomplete and take a supplementary examination within the stipulated time frame given by the university. In case the reason for the absence is found unacceptable, the respective faculty member would follow the university guideline to assess the student’s case and act accordingly.