Research Facilities

To foster “excellence in education”, East West University believes in enhancing quality of education by knowledge creation through academic and applied researches. To make this vision a reality, the university assembles a rich number of internationally reputed researchers in the faculty, who conduct their own researches, mentor junior faculty members, and collaborates with other researchers of home and abroad.

At this stage, the university focuses more on academic research and is gradually building up capacity for applied research through financial grants for procuring research equipments and software.

To help researchers accumulate state-of-the-art knowledge in their fields of interests, the university library acquires a huge number of text and reference books and subscribes a number of print/online journals and digital libraries. Some of the noteworthy online journals and digital libraries include

The list of local print journals includes

  • Annual Development Programme (Planning Commission, Bangladesh)
  • Annual Report (Grameen Bank)
  • Annual Report: Community Empowerment for Poverty (Rural Development Academy)
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Rural Development (CIRDAP)
  • Asia Pacific Journal on Environment and Development (Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad)
  • Asian Affairs (Centre for Development Research)
  • Asian Studies (Jahangirnagar University)
  • Bangla Academy Patrika (Bangla Academy)
  • Bangladesh Arthaniti Samiti Samayiki (Bangladesh Arthaniti Samiti)
  • Bangladesh Arthanitik Samiksha (Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh)
  • Bangladesh Business Yearbook (A1 Publication Ltd)
  • Bangladesh Compendium of Environmental Statistics (Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics)
  • Bangladesh Development Studies (Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies)
  • Bangladesh Economic Review (Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh)
  • Bangladesh Educational Statistics (Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information)
  • Bangladesh Export Statistics (Export Promotion Bureau)
  • Bangladesh Historical Studies (Bangladesh Itihas Samiti)
  • Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Economics (Bangladesh Agricultural University)
  • Bangladesh Journal of Agriculture (Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council)
  • Bangladesh Journal of Extension Education (Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Society)
  • Bangladesh Journal of Jute and Fibre Research (Bangladesh Jute Research Institute)
  • Bangladesh Journal of Law (Bangladesh Institute of Law and Inter Affairs)

The university provides a broadband internet service in the campus that enables faculty members access any information of their choice and need with ease and speed. Besides, the university establishes a high-performance computing facility with professional software for engineering and scientific researches. Some of the software available for such use includes

  • Cadence (analog, digital, and mixed-signal design)
  • ADS
  • Quartus II
  • ModelSim

To disseminate research outcomes, the Center for Research and Training (CRT) of the university annually publishes <abstracts of the publications> by the faculty members. The CRT also publishes a multidisciplinary bi-annual journal that provides a platform for the faculty members of the university and from outside to disseminate their research outcomes. The CRT also funds faculty research projects through competitive grants.

The university encourages faculty researchers to interact with their international peers by attending and presenting their research findings in reputed international conferences by providing registration fees and travel grants.

The university recognizes faculty members with outstanding research contribution by

  • Honoring through best research award every year
  • Providing subscriptions for membership of profession bodies
  • Providing subscription for individual online journals of their field of interest
  • Providing advance increment
  • Promoting to higher rank earlier