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Intra ECPA Battle of Arts : No Lockdown for Creativity

When the whole world is doomed and people are locked inside the home because of the Covid-19 pandemic, creative folks of ECPA (East West University Club for Performing Arts) could not hold themselves back anymore to show their real talents in front of the world. On September 15th, 2020, East West University Club for Performing Arts (ECPA) arranged an online-based cultural competition for the first time, named ‘Intra ECPA Battle of Arts’, for the precious members of the club. The slogan of the competition was, ‘No lockdown for creativity' that hints at the main aim of this competition.

The competition consisted of five different categories that were, drama, dance, music, design, and recitation for those who were into these fields of creativity. The competitors interestingly came up with their brilliant ideas to make their base stronger in the competition. It is a very satisfying fact that these talented people did not stay back because of the lockdown life, rather they were energetically very active in showing their powerful talents at this bad hour. After the hype of 15 days, the results of the competition came out on 1st October, 2020. All the performers did very well, but the judges found the best ones among all. The champions of the competition were, Tusher Music (Music), The Dream Team (Drama), Beat the Heat (Dance), Tasnuva Marium Busra (Design), Jannate Haque Soma (Recitation), and the best performers were Ishmam Mozumder (Music), Syed Emon (Drama), Senjina Roy and Nushrat Jahan (Dance). There was also a performer who got specially mentioned, Shabab Ahnaf Shadman Ishmam (Music), for playing a great role in the competition.