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Fintalk 4.0: Explorer of Financial Technology (Fintech Concept and its Global Opportunities)

East West University Investment and Finance Club is one of the most energetic and renowned club of East West University, has dedicated itself to be a platform through which its members and students of East West University have developed themselves in copious skill development activities and are making themselves more and more efficient day by day. This club has always put out fantastic programs that are synonymous with all the students of this university. Such as Fintegic, Finology, FINXCEL, Corporate and Brokerage House Visits & many more.

East West University Investment and Finance Club arranged a brand new series event “Fintalk 4.0: Explorer of Financial Technology” on 21st November 2020, started with an amusing topic for the very first episode “Fintech concept and its Global Opportunities”, through Google Meet, due to the ongoing pandemic situation. The aim of this workshop was to introduce and converse in-depth about how Finance is evolving day to day with the blessings of technology and how Fintech will become one of the most relevant points of difference in the future of Financial markets & its services.

The program featured Md. Ashraful Kabir as the Sole Speaker. He is a veteran expert in the field of Finance and has worked with some of the biggest financial agencies situated in Canada, the USA, and Bangladesh. Our honorable club moderators, Leo Vashkor Dewri Sir & Fatema Tuj Johora Ma’am was present during this workshop as well. Our honorable guest speaker started off by describing the brief history of the Finance Markets, its services, growth, and integration with technology throughout the years. He gradually moved onto explaining what banks, financial specialists, individual companies are doing to adapt to this boom of Fintech in recent days and how Consumer-facing technology will change the landscape of Retail buying in the days to come. Furthermore, he went onto explaining even deeper insights about The Fintech Boom and the technology associated with it.

From the beginning to the end, the workshop was insightful, informative, and enlightening. The workshop genuinely helped the participants in understanding the in’s & outs of Fintech more clearly. Obtaining this amount of knowledge from an Industry insider is a blessing. Our attendants and Leo Sir took full advantage of the Q/A session to gain even more insight into the world of Fintech and the global opportunities that await them

East West University Investment & Finance club successfully organized one of the most insightful and efficient Webinar and will continue to serve its purpose of delivering more opportunities for its members and the students of this University.