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Leave of absence/Drop/Withdrawal of Fall Semester 2020

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Notice Details

08 October 2020 

Leave of absence/Drop/Withdrawal of Fall Semester 2020

Students who want to drop/withdraw the entire Fall Semester 2020, should mail to respective Departmental Online Helpdesk (Email Account) from their EWU G-Suite email ID, provided they are in good academic standing (Not in Academic Probation) and/or such Leave of Absence/Dropping/Withdrawing is not more than three consecutive semesters. Following information must be given in the application:

Subject: Leave of Absence/Drop/Withdrawal of Fall 2020, Student’s EWU ID:

Also need to provide the following information on the body of Email:

  • Name of the Student:
  • EWU ID of the student:
  • Reason of Drop/withdraw

The last day of such Leave of absence/Drop/Withdrawal will be considered as per the Academic Calendar of Fall 2020.

This notice has been issued with the kind approval of the Vice Chancellor.  

Mashfiqur Rahman
East West University

Departmental Online Helpdesk (Email Account)  

s/n Group name  Email address 
1 CE Help Desk
2 CSE Help Desk
3 BBA Help Desk
4 DSR Help Desk
5 ECE Help Desk
6 ECO Help Desk
7 EEE Help Desk
8 GEB Help Desk
9 ENG Help Desk
10 ISLM Help Desk
11 Law Help Desk
12 MBA Help Desk
13 MPS Help Desk
14 PHRM Help Desk
15 SOC Help Desk