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Notice: Online Semester Drop/Leave of absence/Withdraw

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Notice Details

29 December 2020

Online Semester Drop/Leave of absence/Withdraw

Semester Drop/Withdraw/Leave of absence from Spring Semester 2021 of EWU will be held using the Online Semester Drop System instead of email communication through the department helpdesk. Students of both Undergraduate and Graduate Programs may Drop/Withdraw the semester through online using the link:

As per rule, students who are on probation or who have already been absent for the last three consecutive semesters will NOT be allowed to drop/withdraw the semester. The students who are continuing the current Fall Semester 2020, their semester drop/withdraw request will NOT be entertained/enforced before the finalization of the grades of Fall Semester 2020. All students are advised to send their requests for Spring semester 2021 drop/withdrawal after the finalization of grades of Fall Semester 2020.

The last day of such Drop/Leave of absence/Withdrawal will be considered as per the Academic Calendar of Spring 2021 (Link:

This is for the information and necessary action by all concerned.

Dil Afroze
Joint Registrar
East West University