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SHARK TALKS: Opportunities and Challenges for Young Entrepreneurs

Sep 20, 2020

The notion of job titles in today's field of work is made obsolete by current economic, technical, and social developments. Career professionals need to step away from seeing just the conventional list of occupations and professions to train young people for the modern world of work but to turn their attention to the obstacles, issues, and possibilities that occur in the community. By accepting the change, career practitioners would be able to engage and inspire students through the job discovery process.

As Jack Ma quoted- “The opportunities that everyone cannot see are the real opportunities”. Young people strive to make sense of an increasingly complex and varied community. They have access to new opportunities in the world to transcend inequalities and divides, but this is being recognized in different realities and with varying degrees. Many young people are used to seeing diversity as a resource and seeking possibilities in the pluralistic environment.

Today's society has been very competitive and young people have to make the most of every single chance they get to deal with the present situation and challenges. An opportunity to become conscious of such a jaw-dropping idea should be given to young people. Bearing this in view- "Shark Talks", a learning webinar session series, has been arranged by East West University Business Club. The corporate world is wide as the ocean and the good business tycoons are known as the great sharks, the series "Shark Talks" will be driven by the corporate industry's respective business tycoons. The landmark of this series of webinars is the launch of Bangladesh undergraduates with versatile business ideas. The third episode of the webinar series, Prospects, and Obstacles for Young Entrepreneurs were broadcast live from the official website of the East West University Business Club on 17 September, free for all students across the country. To enlighten the students, Ankit Sureka, Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainability from Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd., and Galib Hasnat, Country Manager of M Square Media (MSM) shared their experiences and shared their ingenious perspectives with the students on how to address the obstacles and resolve the barriers they may tackle. This episode aimed to discuss the opportunities and challenges young entrepreneurs face taking into account all aspects of youth engagement in the country's growth.

For sustainable business practices to be successful, entrepreneurship and innovations are required. In this panel discussion, the students were presented with an overview of entrepreneurship and innovation concerning a sustainable industry. The webinar presented the insights for developing new ways of developing themselves in this sophisticated tech environment and overcoming challenges and making the most of an opportunity.