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“Amar Desh Amar Potaka”: A flagship campaign, 16th December 2021

16th December, the national holiday is also remarked as Bijoy Dibosh, which commemorates the victory of the allied forces high command over the Pakistani forces in 1971. The victory of East Pakistan on 16th December 1971 as the West Pakistan army surrendered to the Mukti Bahini at the Race Course Maidan in Dhaka. In between this period, over 3 million people were killed in this nine-month-long liberation war. On 16th December 1971 Lieutenant General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, CO of Pakistan Armed Forces signed the instrument of surrender. The instrument of surrender was a written agreement that enables the surrender of Pakistan Eastern Command in the Bangladesh liberation war and marked the end of the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971.

Then, every year in remembrance of martyrs & to mark the delight of victory day, nationwide we celebrate Bijoy Dibosh since 1972. Being a part of an independent nation, we as a diverse cultural & ethnic group, jointly honor the victory day on 16th December. By keeping that in mind, East-West University Sociology Club has organized a Flagship campaign, named “Amar Desh Amar Potaka” on 16th December 2021 from 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM at the campus premises. The memorandum started with the national flag upheaval at East West University campus at 6:00 AM with all the respective board members of East-West University, faculties of East-West University, & executive members of 18 distinct clubs. Afterward, the official launch of SCEWU presents flagship campaign “Amar Desh Amar Potaka” started at 10:00 AM. The segmentation of the flagship campaign included a Poster presentation of remarkable days in the history of 1971, A quiz competition & prize giving, a Bookstall for all students of EWU, a Painting booth for on-spot flagship remarks, & a small photo booth from SCEWU.

 After 50 years of independence, Bangladesh is illuminated with the light of prosperity in celebration of the golden jubilee. After a long and bloody war of 9 months in 1971, the brave Bengalis snatched victory on 16 December in exchange for the blood of 3 million martyrs. East West University has taken a unique initiative to spread that unique feeling where all the clubs have participated together. East West University Sociology Club is honored to uphold & be a part of this celebration through the first Flagship campaign “Amar Desh Amar Potaka” on 16th December 2021