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Vision & Mission

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East West University was established with interrelated objectives of augmenting national capacity for tertiary education to a larger number of students, and thereby contributing to the country's human capital development process.

EWU is committed to equip its graduates with professional skills and innovative and critical thinking capable of taking advantage of emerging opportunities at home and abroad. By providing access to affordable university-level education to students from less-well-to-do sections of the society, EWU seeks to harness the power of individuals through higher education, by raising employable skills and improving access to job opportunities, thereby contributing to a more balanced and just society. The vision that inspired EWU is to be a topnotch learning center that combines excellence in education with strong human values and social responsibility, aiming to improve the quality of life, principally of its students. In the process, EWU strives to broaden human welfare by promoting a knowledge-based society and informed citizenry, with respect for, and commitment to the ideals of a pluralism and democracy.


The primary mission of EWU is to become a center of excellence for higher education, making quality postsecondary education accessible to a larger section of the community at an affordable cost, leading to wide dissemination of educational opportunities, advancement of knowledge creation and promotion of economic, social and technological progress. EWU will excel in critical disciplines that address socio-economic challenges nationally and globally, and advance creative pursuits necessary for innovative solutions to societal issues. EWU will provide a stimulating learning environment in which the faculty and students can discover, critically examine, preserve and transmit knowledge, values and wisdom to benefit society and improve the quality of life for all. Through its academic and administrative policies and programs, EWU will ensure that its students receive the highest quality of education, preparing them for a purposeful life, personally, professionally and socially.