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A Workshop on Public Speaking organized by EWU Agro Industrialization Club

East West University Agro Industrialization Club hosted a workshop on Public Speaking on 8th May, 2023 to improve skills and overcome public speaking anxiety of our students. The keynote speaker of this workshop was Rafsan Sabab, Host & Content Creator, What a Show! Honorable moderator Estiaque Bari, Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics was also present in this workshop. Public speaking is an essential skill that can greatly enhance one’s personal and professional development. Effective public speaking skills can help students to stand out in the workplace and advance their career as a good speaker which can inspire and motivate others and lead by example. The workshop covered the essential elements of effective public speaking, including voice projection, body language, and eye contact. This workshop provided opportunities for the students to know the lacking of speaking skills in front of a supportive audience. Overall, workshops on Public Speaking can be a valuable investment in personal and professional development. Which also can be impactful to gain confidence and improve communication skills.