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Notice: In-person classes from 28 April 2024

Thursday, 25 April 2024

Notice Details

Notice: In-person classes from 28 April 2024

Due to ongoing heatwave across the country, all classes of East West University (EWU) were being conducted using online platforms. As a matter of fact, online platforms are alternative/secondary means to keep the academic activities functional, which are of course beyond the mainstream (in-person) learning/teaching process. However, utmost efforts should be made to continue the in-person class conducting system in an educational institution, unless any severe jeopardy or unavoidable circumstances arise.

In view of the above, the authority has decided to resume the in-person classes at East West University from 28 April 2024 as usual, in the interest of the sustainability of qualitative education at EWU.

Besides, all concerned are recommended to take heat protective measures while staying out of the home during this heatwave i.e., wearing lightweight and loose-fitting outfits, using umbrellas, caps, keeping drinking water bottles etc.

Please take care of yourselves, your family members and nearer and dearer ones.

By order of the authority.


Mashfiqur Rahman
East West University