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'Let's Talk: "LIFE": an awareness program on Suicide Prevention'

Sep 19, 2022

'Let's Talk: "LIFE": an awareness program on Suicide Prevention' was launched by East West University Sociology Club on 4th September, 2022. It was held in the WiFi Zone of East West University-Main Campus from 10 AM to 6 PM. It was held mainly in two parts.

The 1st part was an exhibition on Suicide prevention, where the WiFi zone was decorated with some posters and placards which contained some important information to prevent suicide. There was a poster named, 'What's in your mind' where people shared their thoughts and opinions on the program or other things that they wanted to share to someone, it couldn't.  

In the second part of the program, there was a flash mob where the club dancers and actors motivated the audience not to suicide. Through this flash mob, they showed the importance of the support of friends and family to prevent suicide. Through this program, East West University Sociology Club tried to encourage the students to prevent suicide, they motivated them to say no to suicide and yes to life. Through this program, the club also wanted to make them aware of suicide and how to prevent it.