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Information and Communication Services (ICS)

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EWU Spirit Student Portal Systems

EWU Spirit Student Portal System is an important part of the whole system. It helps students and faculty members to manage crucial task such as the following:

a) Student Management System
b) Course Advising System
c) Financial Aid Management System
d) Faculty Evaluation Management System
e) Result Processing System
f) Admission Test Processing
g) Online Grade Report

File Tracker and Online File Processing System

The EWU File Tracking System (FTS) is a fully automated web-based process application which helps in tracking the movement of files and receipts for students, departments and administrative requisitions and applications. This application enables its users to maintain a consistent follow-up over the movement of various important documents in the process of decision-making. 

This application enables fast retrieval of any file and makes File Movement and File Tracking smooth and reliable. FTS deals with ‘Creation of Files to Completion of Files’ through the embedded softcopy of files. The status of any file can be obtained thereby at any time. Currently, the following fields are available online:

  • HR & Logistics Department
    a) Requisition Form
    b) Service Request Form
    c) Leave Form
  • Information & Communication Services (ICS)
    a) IT Service Request Form
    b) Email Account Opening Form
    c) Multimedia Support Form
    d) Computer Lab Requisition Form
  • Engineering & Maintenance Department (EMD)
    a) Repair and Maintenance Form

Online Admission:
Undergraduate & Graduate Programs

Necessary directions regarding the EWU admission have been provided at EWU website ( or ( The qualifications and requirements for applying in Undergraduate and Graduate programs are explained at EWU website in details. The procedure and Guidelines for submitting Online Admission Form are given below:

 Guidelines for Submitting Online Admission Form:

a) Admission Eligibility
b) Important Dates
c) Application Form
d) Payment System
e) Application Process Flow
f) Instruction & Guideline
g) Contacts

E-Tender: Online Tender Processing Solution

East West University has been implemented Online Tender Processing Systems (E-Tender) for enhanced and boost up the whole bidding process into paperless, transparent and easy to submit the tender document through online. You can also pay the schedule through online payment systems (Mobile Banking/Plastic Card/Internet Banking).

Online Payments: Pay Online

Applicants can purchase Online Admission Form through online payment systems:
a) Mobile Banking (bKash, Rocket, Ucash, myCash etc.)
b) Plastic Card (Visa, Master & AmEx)
c) Internet Banking.

Establishing Network Facilities in Academic Building 1, 2 & 3

Internet and network communications have been established in the three academic buildings setup by EWU. In this regard all necessary tasks i.e. cable layout design and drilling, patch panel setup and cable testing in all floors have been completed successfully. Fiber optic based powerful internet backbone communication provides the necessary Internet and network traffic in these three buildings.