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Faculty Members Publications

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Faculty Members Publication

International Publication

Mahmud, S.S. (2017) “Using Songs as a Prompt for Writing an Academic Response Paper:   A Comparative Analysis with the Traditional Reading Based Prompt”. Language In   India, 17 (4). P. 190-202.

Faruk, G.F. & Mahmud, S.S. (2014) “Comprehending a Culturally Unfamiliar Text: The Role of Pre-Reading Activities”. International Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies (IJHCS), 1(3), P.146-154

International Conference

22nd International Conference of NELTA:  Presented a paper titled “A Comparative Analysis of Flipped Classroom as Performance Enhancer” in 22nd International Conference (24th-26th February, 2017) of NELTA.

Journal Publication
  1. Mahnoor Sattar; Pallab Kumar Biswas; Helen Roberts. “Board gender diversity and firm risk in UK private firms”, Global Finance Journal, Elsevier Publishing, (2022), Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.; (ABDC-A, SCOPUS indexed)
  2. Mahnoor Sattar; Pallab Kumar Biswas; Helen Roberts. “Private firm performance: do women directors matter?”, Meditari Accountancy Research, Emerald Publishing, (2021), Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.; (ABDC-A, SCOPUS indexed)
  3. Wei Huang; Mahnoor Sattar. “Corporate finance policies, subsidies and R&D: Evidence from China.” International Journal of Finance & Economics. ISSN:1099-1158, Wiley Library, Vol. 26, No. 3, (2021) Pg. 3875-3891,; (ABDC-B, SCOPUS indexed)
  4. Mahnoor Sattar, “CAPM Vs Fama-French Three-Factor Model:  An Evaluation of Effectiveness in Explaining Excess Return in Dhaka Stock Exchange”. International Journal of Business and Management, ISSN 1833-3850, Vol. 12, No. 5, (2017) Pg.119-129;


1. Mahnoor Sattar (Presenting author), Pallab Kumar Biswas, Helen Roberts, “Board Gender Diversity and Capital Structure in Private Firms: Evidence from the UK”, 12th Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Conference (FMCG), Monash University, Australia, (2022)

2. Mahnoor Sattar (Presenting author), Pallab Kumar Biswas, Helen Roberts, “Board Gender Diversity and Firm Risk in UK Private Firms”, New Zealand Finance Meeting (NZFM), Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand, (2021)

3. Mahnoor Sattar (Presenting author), Pallab Kumar Biswas, Helen Roberts, “Private Firms, Female Directors and Firm Performance: Evidence from the UK”, 25th New Zealand Finance Colloquium (NZFC), University of Waikato, Tauranga, New Zealand, (2021)

4. Mahnoor Sattar (could not present due to Covid-19), Pallab Kumar Biswas, Helen Roberts, “Private Firms, Female Directors and Firm Performance: Evidence from the UK”, Financial Markets and Corporate Governance (FMCG) Conference, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, (2020)


1. Mahnoor Sattar, “CAPM Vs Fama-French Three-Factor Model: A Comparative Study on Return of Cement Industry of Bangladesh”, International Conference on Business and Social Science Research (ICBSSR), (2015)

International Journal

2019: Samiha Tamanna, Tirtha Nandi, Rafar Shahriar, Md Abdul Barek, and Mohammad Zamsad, "In-vitro Comparative Dissolution Study of Different Brands of Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride Available in Bangladesh." International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies 26, no. 2 (2019): 556-561.

Scientific Writing
  1. 2021: Uso dei probiotici e dei prebiotici in dermatologia. Possono essere considerati come potenziali protagonisti della skin and hand care del futuro? , Scientific Article in Italian Magazine "Cosmetic Technology"
  2. 2020: Probiotics, A Precise New Protagonist in Skin Care,
  3. 2020: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: A Potential Amalgamation,
  4. 2020: Delving into The Era of Nanotechnology Pursuing Nanomedicine,
  5. 2019: Autophagy, a Vanquishing Process of Human Immunity,
Journal Publication

Tabassum, Mehnaz. “Signing in the Global Classroom: The Millennials’ March towards Post-Culture and Institution, and a World that is Same (?).” International Conference on Teaching and Learning (ICTL) by Center for Pedagogy at Independent University, Dhaka, April 22-23, 2016, Alam, Mahbub; Asaduzzaman, A.S.M.; Al Marjuk, Obydullah, Center for Pedagogy, IUB, September 1, 2016.

Conference & Seminars
  • August 16-18, 2016: 9th Malaysia International Conference on Languages, Literatures and Cultures, organized by Universiti Putra Malaysia at Penang, Malaysia

Paper Title: Life in a cocoon: A study of over-Surveillance and over-documentation in a panoptical world

  • May 27-28, 2016: International Conference on Magic and Literature, School of Arts and Humanities (SAH)University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Paper Title: The death of magic and drought (or overfeeding?) of imagination: A study of a world at its wits end and the future of literature

  • April 22-23, 2016: International Conference on Teaching and Learning – Education in the Current World: Pedagogy, Research and Social Change, Center for Pedagogy, Independent University, Bangladesh

Paper Title: Signing in the Global Classroom: The Millennials’ March towards Post-Culture and Institution, and a World that is Same (?)

  • March 3-4, 2016: International Conference – The River: Flows of Innovation and Exchange in the Global(i)zed English World, Department of English and Modern Languages, North South University, Bangladesh

Paper Title: Written on the Walls: A Study of Literary Expressions of the Mass across Cults to Creeds, Benches to Streets and Timelines to Tweets

  • February 19-20, 2016: 4th International Conference on “English Studies and the Marketplace”, Department of English, East West University, Bangladesh

Paper Title: Literature in the pieces: Keeping calm in a world of quote cards, quick facts and one-liners

Journal Publication
  1. Shaker, Fahim & Reaz Hafiz (2014). “ Personal Branding in Online Platform” Global Disclosure of Economics and Business, Vol. 3, Number 3/2014, ISSN: 2305-9168p; 2307-9592e
  2. Reaz Hafiz (2015) “Rethinking Brand Identity to Become an Iconic Brand – A Study on Pepsi” Asian Business Review, Vol. 5, Issue 3/2015 ISSN: 2304-2613p; ISSN:2305-8730e
  3. Reaz Hafiz (2015) “Strategies for Overcoming Fear to Become an Elegant Presenter”, ABC Journal of Advanced Research, Vol. 4, Number 2/2015, ISSN: 2304-2621p; 2312-203Xe
  1. Dewan Muhammad Nur – A Yazdani, Reaz Hafiz (2016). “Structural retail environment and people’s intention to purchase”. The Chartered Secretary -A Corporate Professional Journal, April-June, 2016.
  2. Dewan Muhammad Nur – A Yazdani, Reaz Hafiz (2016). “Detect, Prevent and Respond: A Theoretical Study on Cyber Crime”. The Chartered Secretary – A Corporate Professional Journal, July-December, 2016.
  • Mostofa Rafid Uddin, Sazan Mahbub, Md Saifur Rahman, and Md Shamsuzzoha Bayzid. SAINT: Self-Attention Augmented Inception-Inside-Inception Network Improves Protein Secondary Structure Prediction. Bioinformatics, Oxford University Press. [Link]
  • Md Jakaria, Kowshika Sarker, Mostofa Rafid Uddin, Md. Mohaiminul Islam, Trisha Das, Md Shamsuzzoha Bayzid, Rameen Shakur. eMED-DNA: An in silico operating system for clinical medical data storage within the human genome. Preprint available at:  bioRxiv (2019): 814830.
Journal Publication
  1. N. B. Rab and R. H. Moutushi, “Is ‘Greening’ the Key to Sustain in Global Market for Bangladeshi Readymade Garments Industry?”.International Journal of Business and Management, R-12(3), (2017), P.135.
  2. N.K. Saha and R. H. Moutushi , “Corporate governance and Firm performance: The role of the board and the audit committee”. Asian Journal of  Finance & Accounting, Vol.10, No. 1, (2018)
  3. Das, U., Moutushi, R.H. and Tofa, N.N, “Factors influencing the Bank’s performance: Comparative study between fourth generation and top banks of Bangladesh”. European Journal of Applied Business and Management, Vol 6, No 4 (2020)

    Available at:

  4. Md. Rashidul Islam, Md. Ziaul Haque & Rehnuma Hoque Moutushi | Collins G. Ntim (Reviewing editor:) (2022) Earnings quality and financial flexibility: A moderating role of corporate governance, Cogent Business & Management, 9:1, DOI: 10.1080/23311975.2022.2097620

  1. N. B. Rab and R. H. Moutushi , “Greening RMG: a key to sustain in global market for Bangladeshi RMG Industry”.2nd International Conference on Business Research, Department of Business Administration, East West University, R-2(1), (2016), P.3.
  2. R. H. Moutushi, S.Shams and N.K. Saha, “Factors influencing customer usage of Mobile Banking: An Empirical Study in Bangladesh”. The Jahangirnagar University Journal of Business Research, Vol.6, (2018).

International Conference on Magic and Literature, 27-28 May 2016: The following paper was presented at the conference, hosted by Department of English and Humanities, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB): 

Wingardium Laviosa: Levitation of Witchcraft From Macbeth To Harry Potter 

International Conference on Literature, 27-29 May2020: The following paper was accepted at the conference, hosted by Universiti Sains Malaysia

The Complexities of Diasporic Existence- Redifining Identities and Questioning the stability of Relationships In Jhumpa Lahiri's Interepreter Of Maladies and Unaccustomed Earth 

Journal Publication
Jobaid, M. I., Khan, M. M., Rahman, M. R., Sarkar, M. I., & Hasan, R. (2015). Factors Influencing Job satisfaction of the Employees of Tannery in Bangladesh . International Journal of Business and Management Review , 64-69 .


Hossain, M. A., Hasan, R., Kibria, M., & Mazmum, M. A. (2017, December ). Factors Influencin the Usage of 3G Mobile Services: An Empirical Study on Bangladeshi Young Citizens. North South Business Review, 8(1), 16-28.


1. M. Mubassira, and A. K. Das, "The Impact of University Students’ Smartphone Use and Academic Performance in Bangladesh: A Quantitative Study,"  In: Lee S., Ismail R., Choo H. (eds) Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information [PDF]

2. J. Islam, M. Mubassira, M. R. Islam and A. K. Das, "A Speech Recognition System for Bengali Language using Recurrent Neural Network," 2019 IEEE 4th International Conference on Computer and Communication Systems (ICCCS), Singapore, 2019, pp. 73-76. [PDF]

• Ameer, Shahnaz. “Pride and Prejudice and Fifty Shades of Grey: Wealthy Heroes and Smitten Heroines.” Erothanatos, vol. 2, no. 4, 2018, pp. 88-97
• Ameer, Shahnaz. “Manifestation of Remix Culture in Bollywood Songs: A Postmodern Analysis.” Erothanatos, vol. , no. 1, 2022, pp. 69-82
Research Publications

Rahaman, A., & Saha, S. (2020). Negative emotions in fieldwork: A narrative inquiry of three EFL researchers’ lived experiences. The Qualitative Report, 25(12), 4128-4208.

Saha, S. (2017). EFL students’ ‘unmotivation’ toward writing classroom: Bangladeshi university teachers’ narrative reflections. BELTA Journal, 1(1), 46-63. doi:

Saha, S. (2016). Haggling encounters in Dhaka’s local-service buses: The uncharted discourse. New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, 18(1), 1-19.

Saha, S. (2014). Addressing the Unaddressed: Considering Specific Teaching Context to Teach Language to EFL Learners through Literature. Language in India, 14(7), 546-563.

Saha, S. (2013). A critical analysis of English language learning guidebooks in Bangladesh. Journal of NELTA, 18(1-2), 133-147.

Research Presentations & Seminar Talk (* indicates refereed, + indicates invited)

*Rahaman, A. & Saha, S. (2019). The narrative machinery and the ideology of text: Essentials for effective translation process. Paper presented in the 5th International Conference on Transgressing/Transcending Borders through Translation at East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, January 25-26, 2019.

+Saha, S. (2018). Theories of Interpretation and Positioning ELT Researcher.  Seminar talk delivered at English Language Resource Center, Independent University in Dhaka, Bangladesh, September 22, 2018.

*Rahaman, A. & Saha, S. (2018). Storying the experience: A narrative inquiry of senior teachers’ identity formation trajectory. Paper presented in “Beyond Pedagogy: New Dimensions in Teaching and Learning”— 2nd International Conference on Teaching and Learning in Dhaka, Bangladesh, June 28, 2018.

*Rahaman, A. & Saha, S. (2018). English Language Education (ELE) research in Bangladesh: The state of the art. Paper presented in: National Conference on Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Bangladesh: Educational Responses, Challenges and Possibilities; 2018 March 31-April 1; Dhaka, Bangladesh.

*Saha, S. (2013). Jawmadar or Cleaner— Who signifies ‘Development’? Ethno-linguistic resistance in Shankhari community. Paper presented at: Multiple Realities of English. 6th BELTA International Conference; 2013 January 18-20; Dhaka, Bangladesh.

International Conference
  1. Md Al-Imran, Kazi Jahidur Rahaman, Mohammad Rasel, and Shamim H. Ripon, An Analytical Evaluation of a Deep Learning Model to Detect Network Intrusion, The 14th Multi-Disciplinary International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (MIWAI 2021), July 2-3, 2021, Seoul, South Korea, Springer, LNAI.
International Journal
  1. Md Al-Imran, Shamim H. Ripon, Network Intrusion Detection: An Analytical Assessment Using Deep Learning and State-of-the-Art Machine Learning Models, International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems 14, 200 (2021).

1. Sultana, N. 2016. “Customers’ Attitude toward Online Shopping: An Empirical Study on Women in Dhaka City”. Dhaka University Journal of Business Studies. Vol. XXXVII. No. 3. P.73-90. ISSN: 1682-2498.

2. Sultana, N. 2017. “Growing Development of tourism Industry in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study”. Dhaka University Journal of Business Studies. Vol. 38, No. 2. P. 137-159. ISSN: 1682-2498.

3.  Zabeen, M., Shams, S., and Sultana, N. 2017. “Growing Popularity of Muslim Attire: Faith or Fashion?”. International Journal of Asian Social Science. Vol. 7, No. 9, P. 728-737.

4. Sultana, N., Shahriar, S. H., Akhter, S. and Rahman, M. 2018.  “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Facebook as the source of Job Advertisements: An Empirical Study”. Academy of Marketing Studies Journal. Vol. 22, Issue. 2, 1528-2678-22-2-157.


Sultana, N., Shahriar, S. H., Akhter, S. and Rahman, M. 2017.  “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Facebook as the Source of Job Advertisements: An Empirical Study”. Presented at 2nd International Conference on Business and Economies. October 30-31, 2017. Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Journal Publication
  1. Kabir, T., & Popy, N. (2019). Consumer behavior in outbound tourism: A Bangladeshi perspective. International Journal of Management and Development Studies, 8(1). Retrieved from
  2. Huda, S.S., Kabir, T., & Siddiq, T.A. (2019). Civic Engagement of Students: Perspectives of Bangladesh. IGI Global.
Conference & Seminars
  1. T.Kabir, S.Arafat, , and M. S. Alam, “Study on “Ek Cup Cha” ‘(A Cup of Tea): A Triumphant Case from Dhaka on Street Food Branding”, Atlantic Marketing Association Proceedings. September 27-30, 2017, Williamsburg, VA.