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Journal Papers

  1. Biswas, R.K., Arusha, A.R., Ananna, N., Kabir, E., Bhowmik, J. (2022) Interaction with adults and Book-reading habit of Children in Bangladesh: A District-wise Distribution. Children & Society.
  2. Afiaz, A., Arusha, A.R., Ananna, N., Kabir, E., Biswas, R.K. (2021) A national assessment of elective cesarean sections in Bangladesh and the need for health literacy and accessibility. Scientific
  3. Arusha, A.R., & Biswas, R.K. (2020) Prevalence of Stress, Anxiety and Depression due to Examination in Bangladeshi Youths: A Pilot Study. Children and Youth Services Review. Vol. 116

Book Chapters

  1. Ahsanuzzaman, A., Arusha, A.R. (2022) Teacher Student Relationship Through Generations. Dhaka University's English Department: Centenary Perspectives. 

Media Articles

  1. Arusha, A.R. (2020) YPF dialogue: What Bangladesh can learn from the East Asian Miracle.Dhaka Tribune. Date published: July 15, 2020
  2. Arusha, A.R. (2019) Jamal Khashoggi- Shattered freedom of speech. Centre for Policy Dialogue Blog. Date published: January 3, 2019
  3. Arusha, A.R. (2018) Invading your DNA. Centre for Policy Dialogue Blog. Date published: April 26, 2018


  1. Arusha, A.R. (2021, December). Affective Factors and the Role of Teachers in Developing Learner Autonomy [Paper presentation]. 7th Inter-University Student Conference and Cultural Competition, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB).
  2. Arusha, A.R. (2020, February). Effects of Examination on the Mental Health of Students [Paper presentation]. 1st Multidisciplinary International Conference on the Social and Life Sciences, East West University, Dhaka.
Journal Publication

Nandi, B. K., Hasan, G. Q. and Kabir, M. H. (2021), "A tale of the financial inclusion-growth nexus and the degree of financial inclusion: a dynamic panel approach on selected developing countries", Journal of Financial Economic Policy, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.

Huda, S. S., Saha, S., & Kabir, M. H. (2021). Influence of eCRM on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty: a study on Bangladesh's fast food industry. International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management, 13(1), 30-44.

Kabir, M. H., Huda, S. S., & Faruq, O. (2020). Mobile Financial Services in the Context of Bangladesh. Copernican Journal of Finance & Accounting, 9(3), 83-98.

Huda, S. S., Kabir, M. H., Popy, N. N., & Saha, S. (2020). Innovation in Financial Services: The Case of Bangladesh. Copernican Journal of Finance & Accounting, 9(1), 31-56.

Huda, S. S., Kabir, M. H., Siddiq. T. (2020). E-Assessment in Higher Education: Students’ Perspective. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology, 16(2), 250-258.

Shareef, M. A., Raman, R., Baabdullah, A. M., Mahmud, R., Ahmed, J. U., Kabir, M. H., Kumar, V., Kumar, U., Akram, M.S., Kabir, A., & Mukerji, B. (2019). Public service reformation: Relationship building by mobile technology. International Journal of Information Management, 49, 217-227.

Book Chapters

Nandi, B. K., Kabir, M. H., & Roy, N. (2021). Automation of VAT System: A Pathway of Domestic Resource Mobilization. In Global Challenges and Strategic Disruptors in Asian Businesses and Economies (pp. 224-246). IGI Global. Release Date: September, 2020. 

Kabir, M. H. (2021). Financial Innovation: Accelerating Financial Inclusion in South Asia. In Fostering Innovation and Competitiveness With FinTech, RegTech, and SupTech (pp. 186-209). IGI Global. Release Date: September, 2020. 

Huda, S. S., Akhtar, A., Kabir, M. H., & Faruq, O. (2021). Advertisement Practices in Bangladesh: Agency Perspectives. In Handbook of Research on New Media Applications in Public Relations and Advertising (pp. 63-100). IGI Global. Release Date: August, 2020.

M. S. Ahmed, R. J. Rony, M. M. Ashhab and N. Ahmed, "An Empirical Study to Analyze the Impact of Instagram on Students' Academic Results," 2020 IEEE Region 10 Symposium (TENSYMP), 2020, pp. 666-669, doi: 10.1109/TENSYMP50017.2020.9230945.

Instagram is very popular worldwide, however, a few studies have been conducted regarding the impact of Instagram on academic results. These studies are based on self-reported data which may provide inaccurate findings. Using actual usage data of 7 days, this paper presents a quantitative study [N=71] to examine the impact of Instagram on academic results. We also present how much Instagram is used in different time ranges (e.g. morning) and what is the impact of that on CGPA. We found that Instagram usage behaviour varies by time range. Students used it maximum in the evening and minimum in the morning. However, our correlational analysis shows that there is no correlation between Instagram usage data and CGPA. Supporting this, our comparative study also shows that high and low Instagram users have indifferent CGPA. These findings highlight the possibility that negative impact of social media can be mitigated through proper use.

J. Ahmed, M. M. Ashhab, M. A. Razzaque and M. M. Rahman, "Execution Delay-aware Task Assignment in Mobile Edge Cloud and Internet Cloud," 2019 International Conference on Sustainable Technologies for Industry 4.0 (STI), 2019, pp. 1-6, doi: 10.1109/STI4767

Mobile Edge Cloud (MEC) provides computation ability close proximate of user compared to Internet Cloud (IC), which ensures flexibility and reliability in executing codes on mobile devices. Offloading resource hungry mobile application to MEC by mobile devices for computation is challenging. On the other hand, maintaining task provisioning within delay constraint is important too. This assignment policy still requires improvement in decreasing completion time of task and thus providing better Quality of Experience (QoE) for users. In this paper, we formulated a delay-aware task assignment as an optimization problem. The optimal assignment of task is Integer Linear Problem (ILP) and NP-Complete. As optimal solution is time costly, hence we proposed a heuristic algorithm, which is done by cooperating the MEC and IC servers to provide feasible task assignment within delay constraint. Extensive performance evaluation of the proposed algorithm indicates significant improvement in successful tasks execution and better QoE can be achieved compared to existing state-of-the-art works.


1. Journal article on Factors Affecting the Adoption of Fintech: a Study Based on the Financial Institutions in Bangladesh

Journal Name: Copernican Journal of Finance & Accounting (Vol 9, Issue 4, 2020)


2. Journal article on Factors Affecting Equity Return during Corporate Declaration

Journal Name: Research Journal of Finance and Accounting (Vol 10, No16, 2019)


3. Journal article on Performance Assessment of Demutualization of Bangladesh Stock Market

Journal Name: European Journal of Business and Management (Vol 10, No 12, 2018)



1. The causes of forex reserve buildup. (The Financial Express. Date: March 02 , 2014)


2. Investment Stability: Increasing Reserve. (The Daily News Today. Date: February 18, 2014)



                                                    Title                                             Journal/ Book                           Year
1. Innovation in financial services: the case of Bangladesh
Copernican Journal of Finance & Accounting, 9(1), 31–56. http://dx.doi. org/10.12775/CJFA.2020.002
2. Belt and Road Initiative and South Asia: Opportunities and Challenges(Book Chapter) Book: In Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): China’s Global Business Footprint.
Centre for Business & Economic Research (CBER), UK.
3. Influence of eCRM on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty: A Study on Bangladesh Fast Food Industry International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management, 13(1), 30-44
4. Impact of COVID-19 on Supply Chain Management: A Study on Food    Industry (accepted) International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management
5. Impact of Supply Chain Management Tools on Customer Satisfaction: A Study on Readymade Garments Industry of Bangladesh (in press) International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management

Journal Publication

1. Nahida Sultana, Marzia Tamanna (2021), “Exploring the benefits and challenges of Internet of Things (IoT) during Covid-19: a case study of Bangladesh”. Discover Internet of Things, vol-1, issue-1, page 1-12. (Springer)


2. Khatun, Tamanna (2021). “Factors Affecting the Adoption of Fintech: A study based on the Financial Institutions in Bangladesh”. Copernican Journal of Finance and Accounting, vol-9(4), pages- 51-75. (ABDC Listed Journal).


3. Tamanna, K. M. (2018). Classification of the Factors Influencing Online Buying: A Literature Review. International Journal of Management Technology (IJMT) , Vol 5,December 2018 (Current) ( Issue 4), 1-11.


Journal Publication
Title Journal Link Year
Consumer behavior in outbound tourism: a Bangladeshi perspective
International Journal of Management and Development Studies (Vol 8, Issue 1)
Attitude toward social media reviews and restaurant visit intention: a Bangladeshi perspective
South Asian Journal of Business Studies
Innovation in Financial Services: The Case of Bangladesh
Copernican Journal of Finance & Accounting (Vol 9, Issue 1)
Impact of COVID-19 on Supply Chain Management: A Study on Food Industry
International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management

What factors influence consumer overconsumption of food ? An investigation from Dhaka during the Covid19 Pandemic.
International Journal of Behavioural and Healthcare Research.

Workshops and Training
Training on Research Methodology for the faculty members of East West University
East West University Center for Research and Training.
September 19, 2019 to October 17, 2019
Organizer/ Place Year
Seminar on Factors Influencing Adoption of Cloud Computing in Higher Educational Institutes of Bangladesh
Organizer: Department of  Business Administration
Place: DBA conference hall
November 07, 2019
Journal Articles
  1. Knowledge mapping of microfinance performance research: a bibliometric analysis. International Journal of Social Economics. Vol. 48 Issue. 3, 2021 pp. 399-418 [Indexed in WoS (ESCI), ABDC (B), ABS (1), SCOPUS (Q2), ERA].
  2. The role of national culture in the relationship between microfinance outreach and sustainability: a correlated random effects approach. Cross Cultural & Strategic Management. Vol. 27 Issue. 3, pp. 447-472 [Indexed in WoS (SSCI-Q2), ABDC (B), ABS (2), SCOPUS (Q1)].
  3. An Analysis of COVID-19 and WHO Global Research Roadmap: Knowledge Mapping and Future Research Agenda. Eurasian Economic Review. [Indexed in WoS (ESCI), ABDC (C), ABS (1), SCOPUS (Q2)].
  4. The trade-off between outreach and sustainability of microfinance institutions: does loan delinquency play a mediating role? International Journal of Business Excellence (Accepted for Publication) [Indexed SCOPUS (Q3), ERA].
  5. A bibliometric analysis of pandemic and epidemic studies in economics: future agenda for COVID-19 research. Social Sciences & Humanities Open. Vol. 4, Issue 1, 2021, p. 100165 [Peer-reviewed journal by Elsevier].
Book Chapter
  1. Depth of outreach and financial sustainability of microfinance institutions: an empirical revisit. In Hernández-Sánchez, B. R., Sánchez-García, J.C., & Moreira, A. C., (Eds.), Building an Entrepreneurial and Sustainable Society [Published by IGI Global: Pennsylvania, USA].
Journal Publication

Title of the Journal: Glass  Ceiling  for  Professional  Women:  A  Study  on  Bangladesh


The  ‘glass  ceiling’  metaphor  is  used  to  describe  invisible barriers  (glass)  through  which  women  see  elite  positions  but cannot  reach  them  (ceiling).  The  scenario  poses  as  if  there is  not  sufficient  room  for  women  at  the  top  positions  like  a board  member,  authoritarian  bodies,  and  top  executive committees.  Under  such  circumstances,  whether  the  glass ceiling  exists  in  Bangladesh,  the  obstacles  the  professional women face because of their  gender,  the  kind  of  support  they need,  and  the  factors  that  assist  them  to  overcome  those: these  were  the  research  areas  of  this  study.  This  study gained  insight  by  interviewing  high  position  holder  female professionals  from  versatile  and  challenging  sectors.  The barriers  found  were  many:  stereotypical  undervaluation  of women,  child-care  challenges,  social  underestimation  and disobedience  due  to  professional  jealousy,  scarcity  of  family support  and  additional  work  efforts  due  to  gender.  Factors like  support  from  family  and  husband,  urge  for  a  separate identity,  self-determination,  educational  excellence  was found  to  assist  women  to  shatter  the  ceiling.  The  study provides  interesting  findings  that  can  be  rendered  useful  and essential.

Link:  Glass Ceiling. JFS, CSF

International Conferences

1. International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research in Technology & Management (IRTM), February 2021. Organized by Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata; University of Engineering & Management, Kolkata and Jaipur; in collaboration with Taylor and Francis Group.

Title of the paper: A Predictive Model Anticipating Consumer Behavior in Online Purchasing in an E-Commerce Environment in the COVID-19 era: A Study on Dhaka, Bangladesh

2. International Conference on Business and Sustainable Development (ICBSD), March, 2018. Organized by Faculty of Business Studies, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh

Title of the paper: 'Challenges of Career Women: A Case Study on Public and Private Sector Professionals in Bangladesh'

3. International Conference on Gender Mainstreaming in Politics, Administration, and  Development in South Asia  and  Beyond, November, 2017. Organized by the Public Policy and Governance Program at Department of Political Science and Sociology, North South University, Bangladesh.

Title of the paper: Work-Life Balance: A Study on Professional Women in Dhaka

4. 14th Asian Business Research Conference, 2016

Title of the paper:  Glass Ceiling in Bangladesh: Women Who Have Broken It.


1. Barua, S., Kar, D., & Mahbub, F.B. Risks and Their Management in Ready-Made Garment Industry: Evidence from the World’s Second Largest Exporting Nation. Journal of Business and Management, College of Commerce, National Chengchi University, Taiwan. 24(1): 75-103. 2018.

2. Kabir, M. & Mahbub, F. B. Factors Affecting the Inflows of Foreign Direct Investment in Readymade Garment Sector of Bangladesh: A Study on Selected Garment Factories at Dhaka Export Processing Zone. Journal of Business Studies, PUST. 1(1): 120-131. 2018.

Conference Papers

    • 1. Mahbub, F.B., Shetu, J.F. and Jahan, N, (2022), ‘A Trend Analysis of Inward FDI between Vietnam and Bangladesh: Identifying How Vietnam is Doing Better’, International Conference on Economics, Business Management & Social Sciences(IACEBMSS), March 09, 2022, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

  • 2. Mahbub, F. B., Kabir, M. and Shetu, J.F, (2021), ‘Factors Influencing the Purchase of Athleisure Footwear in Travel: A Study on Millennials of Bangladesh’, International Conference (Online) on “Nurturing and Transforming Business Practices in Global Village, 30-31 October, 2021, Pune, India. 

3.Mahbub, F. B. and Kabir, M, (2021), 'Impact of Customer Trust in Online Shopping Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Study on Dhaka, Bangladesh', International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research in Technology & Management (IRTM) , 26-28 February, 2021, Kolkata, India. 

4. Barua, S., Rana, R. H., Arafin, A. and Mahbub, F. B, (2018), 'The Belt and Road Initiative: Evaluating South Asia’s Trade Potential with China', 4th International Conference on South Asian Economic Development, 22-23 February, 2018, New Delhi, India. 

Journal Publication
  1. Das, U., Moutushi, R.H. and Tofa, N.N. (2020). Factors influencing the Bank’s performance: Comparative study between fourth generation and top banks of Bangladesh. European Journal of Applied Business and Management, [online] 6(4). 

          Available at:

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals
  1. Integrated thinking, earnings manipulation and value creation: Malaysian empirical evidence; Nor Farizal Mohammed, Nor Aqilah Sutainim, Md. Shafiqul Islam and Norhayati Mohamed, Business Process Management Journal, Volume 27, Issue 4 (2021), Page 1179-1199, [Scopus Q1; Web of Science] doi:
  2. Dynamics of energy use, technological innovation, economic growth, and trade openness in BangladeshMd. Shafiqul Islam, Economics BulletinVolume 41, Issue 3 (2021)Page 997-1008, [Scopus; Web of Science] doi: 
  3.  Investigating the relationship between integrated reporting and firm performance in a voluntary disclosure regime: insights from BangladeshMd. Shafiqul Islam, Asian Journal of Accounting Research, Volume 6, Issue 2 (2021), Page 228-245, [Scopus; ABDC] doi:
  4. Accounting and auditing through the lens of non-accountants: an emerging economy experienceIbrahim Khan, Md. Shafiqul Islam, Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Journal, Volume 15, Issue 2 (2020), Page 228-245, [Web of Science; ABDC] doi:
  5. The impact of intellectual capital disclosure on firm performance: Empirical evidence from pharmaceutical and chemical industry of BangladeshMd Musfiqur Rahman, Raihan Sobhan, Md. Shafiqul Islam, The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business , Volume 7, Issue 2 (2020), Page 119-129, [Scopus; SSCI], doi:
  6. Post-Initial Public Offering Performance DriftMd. Shafiqul Islam, Shihabul Anwar, The Bangladesh Development Studies, Volume 42, Issue 1 (2019), Page 107-126, [JSTOR; ABDC], doi:                                                                 
  7. Intellectual capital disclosure and its determinants: Empirical evidence from listed pharmaceutical and chemical industry of Bangladesh, Md Musfiqur Rahman, Raihan Sobhan, Md. Shafiqul Islam, The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and BusinessVolume 9, Issue 2 (2019)Page 35-46, [ABDC], doi:
  8. The Paradox of Foreign Loans and Grants: An Econometric Analysis in the Perspective of BangladeshYousuf Kamal, Md. Shafiqul Islam, Dhaka University Journal of Business, Volume 39, Issue 3 (2018), Page 51-66, doi:
Papers Presented in International Conferences
  1. The Post-Issue Operating Performance of IPO Firms: Evidence from an Emerging Economy. 10th International Conference of Financial Criminology (ICFC), United International University, Dhaka December 8, 2019       
  2. Impact of Technological Innovation on Energy Consumption Behavior in Bangladesh.  4th International Conference on Business and Economics, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, October 29, 2019
  3. The Paradox of Foreign Loans and Grants: An Econometric Analysis in the Perspective of Bangladesh. 3rd International Conference on Business and Economics, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, October 09, 2018    
Abstract of Published Papers